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Welcome to the CCS HelpDesk

This is the central repository for Information Technology related questions and topics for Community College of Spokane staff and faculty.  Announcements will be posted on this home page.  Additionally, there are Quick Links to many important features of our Information Technology systems.  Finally, if you use the Search box, you may find additional information in our library of InfoGuides.

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Extended Hours for IT Services Continue

We are continuing our extended hours in Spring Quarter. The hours and services available are outlined below. We hope this service helps getting evening courses off to a good start.

Media Services

  • One technician working until 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday
  • He will be available to assist with getting projectors started
  • Because this is one person for the entire district, much of the help will be phone support

HelpDesk Technician

  • One technician working until 6:30 PM Monday through Thursday
  • He or she will be able to provide the same services they do during regular business hours

Desktop Technicians

  • Two technicians working until 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday - one for SFCC and one for SCC
  • Between 6:30 and 7:00 PM these people will be answering the HelpDesk phone line
  • Because they will be resident at SCC and SFCC, they may be able to assist with some incidents in person

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Domain Migration

IT Services has been working in the background for many years to consolidate our computing and networking resources into a single, consistent computer domain. This domain is CCS. All new employees since September of 2014 are already in CCS. After all these years, it is time for us to ramp up and complete this project. During Fall Quarter we completed the migration of users from the former IEL domain. We have an ambitious goal of completing everyone’s migrations before the beginning of the next school year, but actually hope to be finished closer to the end of June. We have several articles about this process that we encourage you to read more about, so when we come to visit your department and migrate you to the CCS domain, this can be as easy a process as possible.

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Lync is available to all staff

You may be asking yourself, “What is Lync?” or “Why do I want to use it?” At its simplest level Lync is an Internet chat service that is tied into our Exchange/Outlook e-mail system. It enables you to chat or even video chat with your colleagues throughout the district. Additionally, it allows you to share your screen with another user, so if you and a colleague across town from you are working on a PowerPoint presentation together, you can look at it together in real-time and edit it. Because Lync is associated with our e-mail system, others can see at a glance when you are unavailable because you are in a meeting or you have stepped away from your system. If you are interested in having Lync on your system, you will need to install the software yourself.

For Windows users: Follow the Self-Service Installation procedure outlined in this HelpDesk article.

For Mac users: Please call the 533-4357 (IT HelpDesk) to help aid with installation once your Mac is powered on and logged in.

Lync Information

Microsoft’s Lync product page

Microsoft’s introductory video about Lync There are some features shown in the video that we do not support, but this is still extremely instructional information.

Lync introductory video

There are some features shown in the video that we do not support, but this is still extremely instructional information.